Sheila Wolk


“I once painted sports to survive but now I paint for the survival of my soul.”  

Wolk resides in New York City where she continues to capture the drama, intensity, power and grace that surrounds it with her pastels and full product licensing and publishing


” Sheila Wolk had an auspicious beginning as an art director for a pharmaceutical advertising agency and medical illustrator, honing her skills in drawing the human form. Her first pastel paintings were for the genre of sports art

In fact, Sheila became so good at capturing the human form in movement that she was named Sport Artist of the Year in 1987. American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) gave this auspicious award to her soft-edged pastel paintings of the hard action sport

Her transition into the land of fantasy happened slowly, but once Sheila decided to change her focus the result was sensational. Sheila Wolk blends techniques to create a stirring glimpse into the magical world we live in – its lore, its myths and its legends”

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