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From May 23 to May 28

SATURDAY ➡️ ⯁Amandine Jung

Amandine Jung, born in 1987, in Brittany, the land of fairies and korrigans. Amandine Jung lets herself be enchanted by tales and legends, wacky nursery rhymes, and cartoons of all kinds…

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FRIDAY ➡️ ⯁Lea Barozzi

The aesthetic world of Lea Barozzi is a purgatorial realm where a living fog sustains a sense of static tension and freezes the emotional states of its subjects in contemplative introspection…

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THURSDAY ➡️ Brittany Hanks

Brittany Hanks is an artist and designer that lives near Chicago. She grew up in Florida and was always fascinated by Disneyland…

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WEDNESDAY ➡️ ⯁ Toni Cailao ⯁

Toni Cailao is a self-taught digital artist from the Philippines. She learned to draw from reading books by Andrew Loomis…

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TUESDAY ➡️ ⯁ Effievescence ⯁

Effievescence is a Texas artist who is never happy to settle on a single style or subject matter…

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MONDAY ➡️ ⯁ Natascia Mora ⯁

Natascia Mora is an Italian illustrator, comic artist and designer… 

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