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Alena Lazareva was born in Russia. In 1994 Alena Lazareva was signed up for art school, where she studied painting, art history, and sculpting for the next 4 years. She also decided to join the Kazan University to study Strategic Management

One hour of diamond painting a day keeps anxiety away!” 

Relieve from stress and anxiety, feel calm and relaxed, focus better and have a strong feeling of accomplishment!

Drills that sparkle and are so intense in color that you will automatically fall in love with them

The therapeutic effects of diamond painting will improve your overall happiness

Intense and bright colors

Improved drill color and shine

Clear and easy to read Symbols

Super Strong double adhesive

Beautiful diamonds will cover the entire surface of your diamond painting canvas!

Your diamond painting kit will include the essential tools that you need to get started right away! Check the WHAT’S INSIDE section  to see everything that is included!

Extra diamonds of each color inside every diamond painting kit!

In case you lose a couple, you can still relax and enjoy your painting!

Conversion Table

CM         IN

30cm ------ 12inch

40cm ------ 16inch

50cm ------ 20inch

60cm ------ 24inch

70cm ------ 28inch

80cm ------ 32inch

90cm ------ 36inch

100cm ----- 40inch


The smaller the size of the painting, the lower the clarity. The bigger the size, the more details your diamond painting will have!

New to diamond painting? Check our step by step instructions 

Need help with anything?

Mary’s Diamonds support team is here for you! Just send us a message from the contact tab in the upper menu or an email at 

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Additional information

Weight 0500-1.1 kg
Dimensions 30-100 × 15 × 10 cm

30×50, 40×60, 50×70, 60×80


Round, Square

What's Inside?

-1x Premium quality canvas with a foam roller inside for extra protection
-STRONG colored resin diamonds (pre labeled inside small baggies)
-1x Sparkly diamond pen with a four placer (soft cushion)
-1x big wax pad
-1x ten placer
-1x sharp GOLD tweezers
-1x big boat (organizing tray)
-1x little gift for all diamond painters out there!
-1x printed symbol legend
*Frame not included

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