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Purchase any diamond painting BIGGER than 30x40cm (30x45cm, 40x40cm, 30x50cm, etc) and you will get FOR FREE another 30x40cm (worth 21.90 usd) mistery diamond painting from our special (that will never to be sold separately in stores) collection! 

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*The FREE diamond painting can be shipped to a different address(as a gift)! Just specify if you want this along with the second address in the checkout message box! No extra charge!

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Are you are looking for a new hobby? Or maybe just a way to relieve from stress and anxiety, feel calm and relaxed, focus better and have a strong feeling of accomplishment?

No matter the reason, Mary’s Diamonds is the right place to get the most beautiful and unique diamond art!

Drills that sparkle and are so intense in color that you will automatically fall in love with them!

The therapeutic effects of diamond painting are scientifically proven to improve your overall happiness!

Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself!

Intense and bright colors

Images are highly processed inch by inch in order to obtain the most insense color for every drill!

Improved drill color and shine

Advanced technology is used to create our 9 sided drills. Your completed diamond painting will look like a fine piece of jewelry!

Clear and easy to read Symbols

We care about your eyes! The symbols are clear and in contrast with the color of the area.

Super Strong double adhesive

Your diamond painting is safe! Never worry about your drills coming off!

Over 1.000.000 drill colors available

Drills can be:

SQUARE (the painting will look 100% covered, no spaces) 
ROUND (more easy to handle/beginner friendly)

Conversion Table

CM         IN

30cm ------ 12inch

40cm ------ 16inch

50cm ------ 20inch

60cm ------ 24inch

70cm ------ 28inch

80cm ------ 32inch

90cm ------ 36inch

100cm ----- 40inch

Beautiful diamonds will cover the entire surface of your diamond painting canvas!

Your diamond painting kit will include the essential tools that you need to get started right away! Check the WHAT’S INSIDE section  to see everything that is included!

Extra diamonds of each color inside every diamond painting kit!

In case you lose a couple, you can still relax and enjoy your painting!


No matter where you live, you will get your diamond painting kit delivered to your door for FREE!


We always check the packages before shipping, but in rare cases drill bags can be lost. We assure you that if this happens you will get the replacement needed as soon as possible!


If you’are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund for up to 45 days from the purchase date!


Anyone can have a great time doing diamond painting!

How to get stared?


Preapare your canvas by rolling it out and putting some heavy books on the top for 24-48 hours. Use a rolling pin(that you use for cooking) to flat our any crases (if found).


 Pell the cover off your diamond painting canvas (You can gently precut the cover in small blocks, it helps you focus better on one section at a time and also protects the adhesive in the areas that you are not working on yet)


Choose any symbol that you would like to start with and locate it on the side legend to see the corresponding color (drill bags are already pre labeled, so you can match the color with the symbol very easily)


After you identify the matching bag pour the drills inside the tray that comes with the kit


Press the tip of your pen into the pink wax


Using the pen (or tweezers) pick up a drill from the tray (shiny part of the drill should go inside the pen tip)


Place the drill into the corresponding symbol on the canvas chart (and repeat until finished)


When finished, frame up the canvas and put it wherever you want it to shine and bring beauty to your home!

The smaller the size of the painting, the lower the clarity. the bigger the size, the more details your diamond painting will have!

Need help with anything?

Mary’s Diamons support team is more than happy to help you! Just send us an email at marysdiamonds.help@gmail.com or send a message by clicking HERE

You can track your order by clicking HERE

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Buy together to save 50% off the original price! *
*Discount applies to products from the list above!

Mary’s Diamonds - Sustaining the hobby of mindfull people!

Additional information

Weight 0500-1.1 kg
Dimensions 30-100 × 15 × 10 cm



Round, Square

What's Inside?

-1x Premium quality canvas with a foam roller inside for extra protection
-STRONG colored resin diamonds (pre labeled inside small baggies)
-1x Sparkly diamond pen with a four placer (soft cushion)
-1x big wax pad
-1x ten placer
-1x sharp GOLD tweezers
-1x big boat (organizing tray)
-1x little gift for all diamond painters out there!
-1x printed symbol legend
*Frame not included

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