Style your home in a personalized way and relax while doing it with one of our new custom name diamond painting kits!

Creating personalized & one of a kind diamond art canvases is just one of our new specialties here at Mary’s Diamonds. We have a variety of different options for having your custom name diamond painting kit created. 

For Couples, Fantasy, Graffiti, Pop Art, Retro, and “Reading Corner” diamond art are the first custom name diamond painting options that are now available!

We recommend using under 10 text characters/name for the clearest results but the max number of characters allowed is 24 text characters.

All 2.0 Kits

Fantasy Custom


All 2.0 Kits

Pop Art Custom


All 2.0 Kits

Graffiti Custom


All 2.0 Kits

Retro Custom


All 2.0 Kits

Couples Custom II


All 2.0 Kits

Couples Custom I


Fantasy Designs

Have you ever imagined your life as a fantasy story? We surely did! Add more fantasy to your home with one of our custom diamond painting kits.

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Retro Designs

Feeling classy? Take a time travel journey some decades ago and create your own, custom name, retro diamond painting kit! Unique, stylish, and ready to be crafted!

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Pop Art Designs

This is definitely one of our favorites! Who wouldn’t want their own custom name pop art diamond painting kit? We surely do! Different styles for different personalities, one final amazing pop art inspired diamond painting kit.

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For Couples Designs

Thinking of an anniversary gift or just a way to show your appreciation in an artistic and unique way? Our new couple’s custom name diamond painting are here to impress and make the best diamond painting project that you will work on!


Graffiti Designs

Feeling different today? Welcome to the club! Our new and unique graffiti custom diamond painting kit will add an urban style to your home

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My Reading Corner

The pleasure of reading a good book is almost as pleasant as crafting your favorite diamond painting kit! We all have a preferred space in our homes to make the most of our reading seasons. We’ve got a way to make it stand out and be even more pleasant! 

Choose your own character and sparkle diamonds to your name!

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You have everything you need inside your Mary’s Diamonds box! Before processing your order, we will send you a preview of your future custom diamond painting art.

After you confirm the custom design, we will start processing your personalized diamond panting kit. This takes 5 to 7 working days. 

Craft your style, craft with Mary’s Diamonds