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We are currently out of stock on all artists collaborations!

In a short time, we will be back on the new Mary’s Diamonds online store with over 100 new designs available from over 15 artists. 

While we are working on the final details we are leaving you with a sneak peek of some of the officially unreleased new designs and artists collaborations🤗

Sheila Wolk

Brittany Hanks

Fizzi Popcake

Kevin Daniel

Lea Barozzi

Alice Gh

and many more…

Mary’s Diamond 2.0 kits are here!



-Soft feel and long-lasting canvas

-Poured glue

-Laser cute 27 faceted acrylic drills

-AB drills

-Clear symbols

-Golden tweezer 

-Standard accessories kit

-Manually processed pictures for the best results and an extra touch of love just to be sure!

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A huge giveaway is right around the corner! Stay tuned 

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