Sheila Wolk’s Collection

Sheila Wolk is a well known classic artist from the USA. Her art is created in a mystical realm where logic, dreams and art meet and mix to create a dreamscape of enchanting beauty and fabled majesty.

She fuses traditional and non-conventional means to convey the visions, dreams and realities of a world many wish they could see outside of her paintings.

Sheila combines her creative talent and imagination to accurately interpret and artistically communicate elaborate notions in an easy to understand and visually appealing fashion.

All artworks are carefully selected in order to get the absolutely best collection for the diamond painting lovers.✨

We are filling the gap between art and craft

All 2.0 Kits



All 2.0 Kits

100 Tears


All 2.0 Kits

Pulse Of Pond

“Filling the gap between ART and CRAFT”