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Harajuku Girl


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Alice Gh

Happy Whale


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White Owl


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In a World of my Own


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Over 100 pieces of art from 18 artists are available as premium diamond painting kits!

“Filling the gap between ART and CRAFT”


Alice Gh is a digital artist and illustrator. She is interior architect & art teacher from Romania…

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⯁ Amandine Jung ⯁

Amandine Jung, born in 1987, in Brittany, the land of fairies and korrigans. Amandine Jung lets herself be enchanted by tales and legends, wacky nursery rhymes, and…

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⯁ Beverley ⯁

Artist licensed in collaboration with © Looking Good Licensing

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⯁ Brittany Hanks⯁

Brittany Hanks is an artist and designer that lives near Chicago. She grew up in Florida and was always fascinated by Disneyland. Brittany graduated…

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⯁ Candace McKay ⯁

Candace McKay is a self taught, freelance artist from Los Angeles, CA.

She uses a blend of realism and a pop surreal twist to create the dream like states & scenarios within her…

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⯁ Effievescence ⯁

Effievescence is a Texas artist who is never happy to settle on a single style or subject matter. Her favorite themes are scenes of fantasy, both dark and vibrant, and the beauty of…

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⯁ Fizzy Popcake ⯁

Fizzy Popcake is a young aspiring artist based in the Philippines. Art is her passion and through creativity she find a way to express herself. Been making art for 7 years and…

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⯁ Josef Panes ⯁

Josef Panes is a digital painter from the Philippines  who keeps unique ideas and concepts at the core.

He takes his inspiration from a world of fantasy and dreams. His artworks tell a fun story that

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⯁ Kevin Daniel ⯁

Artist licensed in collaboration with © Looking Good Licensing

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⯁ Kris Klejnot ⯁

Artist licensed in collaboration with © Looking Good Licensing

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⯁ Lea Barozzi ⯁

The aesthetic world of Lea Barozzi is a purgatorial realm where a living fog sustains a sense of static tension and freezes the emotional states of its subjects in contemplative introspection. It is punctuated by symbolic props that engage the viewer with instant metaphorical recognition and

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⯁ Luisa María ⯁

Luisa María Villarreal González, is a Visual Artist, born on September 15, 1996, in Cali, Colombia. She studied Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali, and graduated in 2020 with the title of…

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Natascia Mora is an Italian illustrator,  comic artist and designer! She does digital and traditional art, and the things she mostly likes is  to draw are natural and…

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⯁ Sheila Wolk ⯁

Sheila Wolk is a well known classic artist from the USA. Her art is created in a mystical realm where logic, dreams and art meet and mix to create a dreamscape of enchanting beauty and fabled majesty.

She fuses traditional and non-conventional means to…

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⯁ Tengu Arts⯁

Michelle Henderson is a digital, content creator from Scotland (though you may know her as Tengu Arts).

You’ll find her work in Children’s Books, indie games, comics, and more! Her specialities are concept art, illustrations, character designs…

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Toni Cailao

Toni Cailao is a self-taught digital artist from the Philippines. She learned to draw from reading books by Andrew Loomis, and watching a lot of tutorials. She started drawing as an outlet from her studies, and…

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⯁ Lee Yan ⯁

Lee Yan (Ian) is a digital artist and illustrator. Lee Yan was born and is living in the Philippines.

Ian started drawing as a hobby and now does it fulltime as a freelance artist. His usual painting subjects are centered around…

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⯁ Yaroslava Guskova ⯁

Yaroslava Guskova is a self-taught artist. She works as a character illustrator and creates cute funny characters for Youtube cartoons. She loves to draw magical bright illustrations with magical creatures and cute animals in both digital and traditional art, but she prefers to work digitally. Also passionate about reading, photography, and writing poetry.

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