Origin of Mary’s Diamonds


The concept was born in late 2019 and along the way had several big improvements. Switching from a standard quality canvas to a premium silky soft canvas, from double side adhesive to poured glue, from standard drills to high quality AB drills, from standard packaging to reinforced packaging…and many others! 


Based in Europe, We ship directly from our warehouse in China. 

In the first year our customers were only located in the USA, Canada and Australia but now we are happy to have more than 15 countries on our shipping list!


Our team is working in harmony to keep our values and evolve based needs of the diamond painting community


Our values


  • Premium Customer Experience: We never stop improving based on the feedback we get back from this amazing community. We grow together!
  • Premium quality: Our products are fully planned and executed to every single detail. From the canvas, to our quality drills and rendering to the packaging and customer support. 
  • Real Masterpieces not boring designs: We want to turn your bedroom, hallway or office into an amazing art gallery! Various styles or art and designs. ONLY licenced artworks
  • No Stress Assurance. In case you want some extra drills, are missing some or just want your money back in the first 30 days from your purchase, you are covered!


Let’s have a great time together, craft amazing art, relax and feel fulfilled everyday!

Everything that we are today is a result of the constant support and ideas to improve from our amazing community!

We are a community based diamond painting brand! Your feedback is important and you are always welcome to give it to Us. We are happy to read it!

Mary’s Diamonds Team

(A Member of Antemadam Distribution Srl)

Address: Street Imparatul Traian, Nr. 5, bl. B11

București, Romania 041412