the 2.0 premium kit is here!

Month of researching, planning and testing are here to make their delivery in the diamond painting world with the 2.0 Mary’s Diamonds kit!


Enjoy thorough therapeutic ‘ME times’ that will help you relax your mind while you re-create gorgeous art from creative artists with glee.

Made with first-class quality canvases that are smooth and durable, our beautiful Diamond Paintings selections will keep you feeling soothingly calm and delightfully happy for a long time, even after you’ve finished crafting them!

OMG Diamonds:

Sparkle magic on the canvas! Twenty-seven facet drills for that extra sparkle. Premium acrylic, perfect size cut, and most importantly, a 100% DMC color clearness & intensity.

No trash! No gaps!


OH MY Canvas:

Pleasant to touch with a lifetime warranty!

We put together the perfect soft & hard base material proportions and got a well-built, solid but smooth velvety canvas with serged edges so your masterpiece can last forever… and a teaspoon of glitter sprinkled in the canvas base material, so the sparkle does not stop at the drills 🙂



Our poured glue technique guarantees a long-lasting, firm hold over time and a smooth and satisfying experience.

Transparent film over the canvas glue so you can fall in love with it again from the first sight

Bubbles? Rivers? Glue over the edge? Say goodbye to them!

BLUE SKY Symbols

We care about your eyes and overall experience!

High-quality printing will make symbols easy to read and bring you a step closer to the best experience you can have.

Our layouts are manually created for every design, size, and drill combination. They are always made with our best experience for you.



The original artists license all artworks. We support artists and respect their work. Unfortunately, sometimes artists get their art stolen and used without their approval.

It’s a NO-NO for us, and we  encourage you to buy only licensed artworks, no matter if from Mary’s Diamonds or other legitimate diamond painting stores.

No stress assurance

All kits have damage insurance, missing diamond replacement, a lifetime warranty for the canvas, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check our large selection of premium diamond painting kits!

Stay Young, Vibrant, and Happy with Mary’s Diamonds

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